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Providing one on one in-home training to make your dog more comfortable.

About 4 Paws

We come to your home for every lesson so you don’t have to send your dog away or drive through traffic after a long day at work. We service Rhode Island and nearby MA & CT. We’ve been helping both pets and their owners understand each other better and live together in perfect harmony for years.  4 Paws K9 Training is a great option for retraining and to correct issues causing problems for you, or your pet. 

We believe in home one on one training works best because your dog is more comfortable at home with far less distractions vs. group classes. 

How we help

Positive Reward Based Training for Dogs of All Breeds Ages and Sizes

dog laying on bed outside

Setting the Stage

Learn how to create a home environment that will set you and your new puppy / dog up for success!

dog sitting with leash on ground

Mastering the essentials

Teach your dog basic and intermediate skills such as: sit, down, stay, come, settle, leave it, drop it, and walking politely on leash while gradually adding duration, distance, and distractions.

dog laying in bed at home

Effortless Housetraining

Learn how to housetrain your dog and pave the way for a well-adjusted and happy coexistence.

balanced behavior

Balanced Behavior

Learn how to manage and/or eliminate unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety, jumping, chewing on inappropriate items, excessive barking, nipping/biting.

Client Testimonials

“If anyone is in need of a trainer, I highly recommend 4 Paws K9 Training. Before hiring Bill at 4 Paws my Bully was aggressive with anxiety, after his 6 weeks of training Prosciutto follows his commands and is now able to go in public with no anxiety of aggression. We took him to Tractor Supply and he let people approach and pet him, before Bill at 4 Paws Prosciutto would have taken your hand off if you came close.”

Sabrina Bertoncini
Smithfield, Rhode Island

“Bill has a gift, he trains us to do the best for our dogs. Bill understands behaviors and after just 6 classes our beloved Cooper is calmer and behaving. I can’t say enough”

Gretchen Sechio
Cranston, Rhode Island

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